How to prolong the lifespan of your loose wave hair?

Loose wave hair is wavy and largely curly hair. Most beginners confuse the difference between a loose wave and body wave hair. Loose wave hair is made from loose wave bundles, while body wave hair is made from body wave bundles. The primary difference between the body wave and the loose wave is that the loose wave comprises tighter curls than body waves.

How do I maintain loose waves in my hair?

Maintaining loose wave bundles needs you to know how to clean and correctly handle them. When you handle the bundles correctly, they are meant to last for long. Loose waves are soft and curly; therefore, you should treat them with a high level of care when washing them.

First, you should sock the loose wave bundles in water with mild shampoo for approximately five minutes. Use cool, clean water to rinse the loose waves. Rinse the loose bundles again until clean water runs from the water source. This second rinse ensures the bundles are clean. Lastly, apply a hair conditioner on the bundles and keep them in plastic bags for ten to twenty minutes.

What is the difference between a loose wave and a water wave?

Loose wave bundles and water wave bundles have a slight difference between them. People with tight curls find the loose deep wave bundles to be better than the water wave bundles. Such people mainly comprise African American women. The loose waves are usually neater than the curly water waves. However, the loose wave bundles have a curvy and nice normal appearance.

Poor maintenance of the loose wave bundles may make the bundles look unattractive and dry. With time, you might need to replace the loose wave bundles with new ones. However, suppose you maintain the bundles properly and give them a wet feel and appearance. In that case, they may last for longer than you expect.

How do you get a wet look on the loose wave bundles?

Getting a wet look on the loose wave hair bundles involves the overall maintenance of the bundles. The recommended way of keeping the loose waves wet is by using a mousse. You may opt for the brand of your choice to maintain your loose waves in the best condition.

Regardless of the type of mousse you opt for, a good mousse should give your hair shiny curls and eliminate any freezes on the loose waves. Although there are other additives that you may need to enhance the look of your loose waves, mousses will help you attain the wet and shiny appearance you need.

Can you put mousse on loose deep wave hair?

Mousse helps to maintain a shiny and wet appearance on your loose waves. You can put mousse on your loose waves after detangling the loose wave hair, but you first need to wet your hair using a spray bottle filled with water.

Afterward, follow the recommended steps on the labels. Complete the process by applying the hair mousse on the curls to hold them together and give a shine. While spreading the mouse in the loose waves, use a demi brush and style it in your preferred way.

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