Excellent Performance with Paring Knives

A paring knife is important for various tasks in your kitchen while preparing your meals. But what quality must a paring knife have to full fill its purpose as a paring knife?  For effective dicing slicing, chopping, peeling, and any other task that the paring knife is designed for, a sharp paring knife is the most preferred for your maximum satisfaction and a good experience while performing these tasks. What do you think happens when you use a blunt knife doing these tasks? A blunt paring knife will just crush your fruits and make the salad appear less attractive for it would have lacked the neatness it deserves. A sharp paring knife at IMARKU will prevent you from experiencing the problems resulting from using blunt paring knives.

Sharp Paring Knife from IMARKU

IMARKU Paring knives are all sharp and easy to use. The IMARKU vestaware 4.5 inches paring knife is made with a high carbon pure steel metal from Germany having a high degree of hardness scale. This property makes the blade to be as sharp as razor and also prevents corrosion. This corrosion prevention feature makes the paring knife maintain its sharpness for a very long time and also easily sharpened whenever you feel like sharpening it in rare cases. Another type of sharp knife is the IMARKU paring knife. The #.5 inches High carbon stainless steel blade knife is just perfect for the various tasks you perform while preparing your meal. The carbon present in the material used for the blade makes it twice as hard as other types of paring knives under the same category.

Working With a Sharp Paring Knife

With a sharp paring knife, an accident is the last thing you want to occur in your kitchen. Understanding how to use your paring knife is crucial for accidents prevention. Among the ways by which a sharp paring knife is used are:

  • Using it on a chopping board. While performing some tasks, a chopping board will be necessary to ease your work and to avoid accidents.
  • Using without a chopping board. The board can be irrelevant and risky to use while doing some tasks like when peeling fruit and so on. To establish some control, you need to do it on-air with your hands. A smaller paring knife is most preferred in this case.

Holding A Sharp Paring Knife with An Ergonomic Pakkawood Handle

Understanding how to hold a paring knife is not only important for putting its use in full potential but also for avoiding accidents. IMARKU paring knives are made with ergonomic pakkawood handle. This type of handle provides a good grip on your hand when holding the knife. The fine grip enables you to work with the knife for a long time without getting tired or feeling pain in your fingers.

Affordable IMARKU Paring Knives

The quality knives present at IMARKU match the prices allocated to them. The IMARKU Paring knife 3.5 inches goes at $29.99. This price matches the good quality and excellent performance of the knife. The vestaware 4.5-inch paring knife has a price of $26.99. This is a drop in its price from its initial point of $29.99. These two positive reviewed paring knives from satisfied clients satisfy your kitchen needs at a price that is worth it.



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