Four Things You Didn’t Realize about Kaneki

One major sign of an actual anime lover is you read and watch any anime possible, as long as the story is a great one. Speaking about great anime, Tokyo Ghoul will surely make a list of one of the most interesting Manga series ever. It has an exciting storyline and very unique characters. One of the characters involved in the series is Ken kaneki. Although Kaneki wasn’t the good guy as with many widely loved anime characters, Kaneki is a protagonist. 

However, before Kaneki became a protagonist, he loved studying, and his regular spot was the college of Japanese literature. At some point in life, he came across life, which was pretty much where the change started. He met Kamishiro, and he was lured into believing that she cared about him. Because of her, he fell victim to an attack, and it changed him forever. 

Through his love for kashimiro, her kakuhou got transferred into Kaneki, and soon enough, he turned into a one-eyed Ghoul. His story may be a little confusing, but there are many things you may not know or note about Ken Kaneki. Some of these things include; 

He’s good at Swordsmanship

For you to survive in the Tokyo Ghoul series, you need to have a particular skill. And as against what many fans may think, Kaneki has a unique skill at swordsmanship. With his boxing skill, the quinque, Kaneki can cut a kagune belonging to a ghoul. While using his kagune, he can also fight conveniently with the sword. With this skill, he has the upper hand over his enemies. If you followed the series closely, he could keep up with Kishumura Washuu when the dragon arc ended. This strength is one of the numerous reasons why Kaneki has a lot of fans globally. 

He’s a Fast Learner

Before Kaneki became a protagonist, he was a bookworm. Reading and understanding what he read wasn’t such an issue for him. He was that particular person that didn’t need a practical session before he understood what to read. For instance, learning martial arts didn’t require any professional practice. For Kaneki, he only had to understand martial arts through the reading from a book, and within a week, he was almost fighting martial arts as an expert. 

He Hardly Gets the Eye patch Correct

Kaneki’s character throughout the manga series needed to put on an eye patch at intervals. But what most fans don’t know is that the eye patch was mainly wrongly worn. Two characters in the series wear an eye patch; Kaneki and Tooru Mutsuki. Typically, Kaneki’s eyepatch is for the eye on the left; whole Tooru’s is for the right.

He’s Very kind

Generally, Kaneki wouldn’t get into a fight or hit anyone, except he has no option. So at first glance, he can seem very gentle, calm, and collected. The main reason for this kindness is fear of loneliness. Because he always wants company, he’s ready to go the extra mile to protect those people around.


Kaneki may be a protagonist in the series Tokyo Ghoul, but some of his characters in the series aren’t known to fans who watch it. This guide has discussed a number of the characters you don’t know about Kaneki. 


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