Most Affordable Human Hair Wigs

Loss of hair due to illness, age, or genetic condition may require that you cover up your head. You may also wish to cover up for cosmetic reasons because you feel your hair doesn’t look as good as you would like it to or because you wish for greater flexibility.

In whichever circumstance, human hair wigs are perfect when you wish to substitute for your natural hair.

Human hair wigs are the most natural alternative to your real hair and can set you back a pretty penny. However, you do not always have to break the bank to look beautiful.

Below are some of the most affordable, yet attractive human hair wigs

7 Most Affordable Human Hair Wigs

Human hair wigs feel natural on your head. This is because the wig flows and falls exactly as natural hair does. Besides, they are not as prone to tangling as synthetic wigs are.

As such, you are not likely to spend less than $ 50 on a quality human hair wig. With astute shopping about, you shouldn’t spend way much either.

Here are seven human hair wigs you can have for under $70:

The Body Wave Headband Wig Human Hair- $58.93

This wig is none lace machine made with 150% density. It comes in a luscious and natural black color, but you can easily dye or bleach it without destroying the integrity of the base material, which is all human hair.

Straight Hair Glueless Headband Wig-  $58.93

This is a wig with a classy touch. 100% human hair is soft, silky, and black, luxurious to the eye and touch. It is machine-made, with the headband sewn on rather than glued.

This straight-haired wig does not shed on washing, and dyes and bleaches easily for another color.

Headband Wig Curly Human Hair Wigs- $64.93

With its softness and fabulous curls, you will not be shy walking with your head held high. It is made from human hair, and the headband is sewn on.

At 18” long and very thick, the Headband Wig Curly Human Hair is a bargain for a product of its nature.

Wet and Wavy Headband Human Hair Wigs- $64.93

This is a near-perfect substitute for the pricier front lace wigs but at a great price. It comes at the average length of 18”-22” with 150% density.

The wig has a natural black color but handles dyeing and bleaching well, so various colors are possible.

Short Wig Pink Color Machine Made- $48.39

At just under $50, this pink wig is a real deal. It is made from 100% Remy human hair and is machined. It comes without a headband. But it has a hairline that blends in naturally with yours. You can dye it for other colors without any problem.

One More Finger Waves Machine Made Wig- $38.20

It is very soft with a plucked hairline that blends naturally. In addition, the baby hair trimmings ensure your skin is not irritated by coarse trimmings.

This wig is light, comfortable, and comes at a great price.

You should not have to forego the beauty of human hair wigs because of cost. At One More, we offer you quality human hair wigs to keep you confident all day long.

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