How to Get Free Wigs

Everyone wants a good human hair wig, but more importantly, we all want cheap human hair wigs. Whether it’s a wig that comes with three bundles and lace closure, we all want it to come cheap. For some people, they don’t mind if their wigs are coming free. We can’t blame anyone for wanting something good at a nearly free price. More importantly, when it has to do with your hair. Hair is very influential in the esteem of almost any lady on the globe. The look of your hair alone can make you feel good, look good, and stay good.

But realistically, most good things don’t come cheap. Getting an excellent human hair wig usually doesn’t come cheap. You’ll have to spend a good fortune trying to get it. If you’re lucky and you get human hair at an affordable or unreasonable price or even free, the cost of maintenance is there to take some of your money. Without proper care, your hair wouldn’t last as long as you want. Maintenance for your wigs can sometimes cost more than the cost of the wig, depending on the type of wig.

Aside from those who want free wigs because we wish to buy good stuff at no cost, some people need free wigs. These people have probably lost all of their hair to an ailment, and as you know, losing your hair almost means losing your self-esteem. It’s this set of people who genuinely deserve to have free wigs. Some well meaning bodies provide free wigs to cater to each of their needs. If you happen to fall into any of these categories, there are free wigs for you. Some of the organizations you can go to include;


Ebeauty has created a platform where women can exchange wigs. You know there are times when you are tired of a wig you once owned, not because it’s spoiled, but you’ve just had enough. Instead of keeping that wig in your closet with zero maintenance, and in turn, complete damage, you can always drop it with Ebeauty. They share these wigs amongst women who have no hair due to cancer, women who have no money or access to wigs. To donate to Ebeauty, they have centers where you can quickly drop off the wigs and pick them up.

Pantene Beautiful Lengths

This organization is probably the most prominent in the USA. With a strong partnership with the American Cancer Society, this organization is known for helping Cancer patients with wigs across the globe. They don’t just help with any wigs; they have a specific length they require. If you want to donate a wig, it must be eight inches and above.

Wigs for Kids

Some kids don’t have hair sometimes. While it may be genetics or an ailment, it doesn’t help their self-esteem. Wigs for Kids is an organization that makes customized wigs for kids. These wigs are designed to be firm on the kids’ hair to ensure that the kids don’t get to miss out on any fun activity because of a wig.


Free wigs aren’t always possible if there’s nothing wrong, in fact, you should be donating wigs for free. Some people need free wigs, and they can get from any of the organizations listed above.

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